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Newport/Oriel 60000 Q Series Lamp Housing

Newport/Oriel 60000 Q Series Lamp Housing Image

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Newport/Oriel 60000 Q Series Lamp Housing ImageNewport/Oriel 60000 Q Series Lamp Housing Image

The Newport/Oriel 60000 Q Series Lamp Housing is a versatile enclosure for low power light sources. It can be configured to operate Xenon, Mercury, or Quartz Tungsten Halogen (QTH) lamps, as well as IR emitters.

With no fan, this housing operates very quietly and greatly reduces the possibility of contamination by particulates or vapors in the environment. High precision controls allow X-Y-Z lamp positioning. An optional rear reflector, plus the ability to adjust the lamp's position maximizes throughput. Interchangeable lamp interface kits provide a safety interlock that disables the lamp when the cover or power supply cable is not in place. Various condenser lens assemblies, all featuring standard Oriel 1.5-inch series flanges, may be coupled to any of four output ports on the housing. The use of multiple condenser lens assemblies allows simultaneous illumination of samples without splitting the beam and sacrificing output power.

The housing comes with four adjustable mounting feet, which may be removed to allow for mounting to an optical table/breadboard. The housing is included as part of many pre-configured Light Sources providing everything needed to operate a lamp. All items that make up the Q Series family are sold individually so users can create customized light source systems or re-configure an existing light source. The flexibility of this family means the same lamp housing can be used in different configurations without needing to purchase a new light source system. The simple design means the housing can be reconfigured without the expense and downtime associated with sending it in to be reworked.

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