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Nikon AZ-100 Multizoom Microscope

Nikon AZ-100 Multizoom Microscope Image

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Nikon AZ-100 Multizoom Microscope ImageNikon AZ-100 Multizoom Microscope ImageNikon AZ-100 Multizoom Microscope Image

The Nikon AZ-100 Multizoom Microscope is an advanced imaging system designed for various applications, particularly in the fields of biology, materials science, and industrial inspection. This microscope offers versatility, high-quality optics, and the ability to seamlessly zoom between different magnifications, making it suitable for a wide range of research and inspection tasks.


  • Zoom Capability: The AZ-100 is named "Multizoom" due to its unique ability to continuously zoom between magnifications, offering a magnification range typically from 5x to 500x or even higher, without the need to change objective lenses. This makes it highly versatile for applications that require different levels of magnification.
  • Motorized Zoom: The microscope is equipped with a motorized zoom system that allows users to precisely control the magnification, making it ideal for tasks that involve detailed inspection, measurements, and documentation.
  • Large Field of View: With the ability to zoom out to lower magnifications, the AZ-100 provides a large field of view, which is particularly beneficial for tasks like whole-slide imaging in pathology or scanning larger samples in materials science.
  • High-Quality Optics: Nikon is renowned for its optics, and the AZ-100 is no exception. It typically features high-resolution objectives and exceptional image clarity.
  • Flexible Illumination: The microscope comes with a versatile illumination system, often offering both transmitted and reflected light options. This flexibility is valuable for examining a wide variety of samples.
  • Motorized Stage: Some configurations of the AZ-100 come with a motorized stage, which is handy for precise sample positioning and automated imaging workflows.


Magnification range: 5x to 400x, or 6.25x to 500x when the coaxial illuminator is mounted
Zoom range: 1 to 8, with a zoom ratio of 8:1
Objective lenses: 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 4x, and 5x
Eyepiece tubes: AZ-TE100 Ergonomic Trinocular Tube 100
Stands: Two focuses, one with an 85-mm stroke on the column side and one with a 10-mm stroke on the front stage

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