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Norhof Micro LN2 Dewar

Norhof Micro LN2 Dewar Image

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Norhof Micro LN2 Dewar ImageNorhof Micro LN2 Dewar ImageNorhof Micro LN2 Dewar Image

The Norhof Micro Dosing LN2 System gently gives liquid nitrogen, with an adjustable flow. It is designed to overcome the drawbacks of liquid nitrogen under pressure where a solenoid valve us used to switch the supply on and off. The Norhof Micro Dosing LN2 System is used as the cooling medium with no additional control unit requirement.

-  Static evaporation rate: < 0,5 liters per day
- Maximum working pressure: < 300 mBar
- Power connection: 115V / 230V AC with supplied power supply or 12-24 Volt AC/DC
- Power consumption: average 10 Watts, during pumping 50 watts

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