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O.I.Analytical DPM-16 Discrete Purging Multisampler

O.I.Analytical DPM-16 Discrete Purging Multisampler Image

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O.I.Analytical DPM-16 Discrete Purging Multisampler ImageO.I.Analytical DPM-16 Discrete Purging Multisampler Image

The O.I. Analytical DPM-16 is a discrete purging multisampler unit. 

The OI Analytical Discrete Purging Multisampler (DPM-16) is a 16-station automatic purging multisampler designed for use with any OI Analytical purge-and-trap sample concentrator. The DPM-16 can be equipped with a variety of sparge vessels, including needle and frit spargers of either 5-mL or 25-mL capacity, and 18 mm O.D. 10-mL disposable test tubes. (An adapter kit is available for 12 mm glassware.) The DPM-16 is the recommended multisampler for analyzing solids, sludges, soils, and water samples containing large amounts of particulates. It is also suitable for clean water analysis.

• Standard 16-sample capacity with capability of linking two multisamplers for extended sampling positions.

• Standard 18-mm fittings are designed for use with either 5-mL or 25-mL frit and needle nondisposable spargers, or 10-mL disposable glassware direct from the factory.

• Fully automated and controlled by any OI Analytical sample concentrator.

• A HOLD switch allows the unit to be paused at a station for clean-up.

• Adaptable to perform air-tube desorption (USEPA Method TO-1) or VOST analysis (USEPA Method 5041)



• 28"H x 14.50"W x 16.25"D

• Footprint - 236 in.2 Weight

• 59 lb Internal Valve/Line Temperature

• Ambient to 200°C Valve

• Electrically actuated, heated 34-port sample valve Sample Capacity

• 16 sparge vessels or air-tubes

• 8 VOST tube pairs Required Vessel Neck O.D.

• 18 mm (Adaptable for 12 mm with optional kit) Control Signals

• Full interface to sample concentrator for automatic control Gas Requirements

• 99.999% (UHP) H2 or He (same as Models 4560 and 4460A ) Power Requirements

• 110 VAC (±10%)/50/60 Hz • 220 VAC (±10%) available

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