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Olympus 60806 Power Supply, Magnafire

Olympus 60806 Power Supply, Magnafire Image

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Olympus 60806 Power Supply, Magnafire ImageOlympus 60806 Power Supply, Magnafire Image

The Olympus 60806 60806 Power Supply, Magnafire is a microscope camera head and 60806 power supply.

Features include:

  • Full resolution, real time focusing and framing via a FirewireTM interface.
  • Live mode features 10-24 images per second for rapid refresh rate and ease of focus.
  • Focusing window includes Auto White Balance, Auto Exposure and Camera Controls.
  • Live window features precise frame timing ensuring a flicker free
  • Image even at short exposures.
  • 6-position filter wheel with red, green, blue, IR-cut and open positions permit a wide spectrum of imaging from UV to IR.
  • Dichromatic, non-polarizing color filters allows MagnaFire’s sensitivity to be at least 12 times greater than cameras using liquid crystal color filter technology.

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