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Olympus IX50-S8F2 Inverted System Microscope

Olympus IX50-S8F2 Inverted System Microscope Image

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Olympus IX50-S8F2 Inverted System Microscope ImageOlympus IX50-S8F2 Inverted System Microscope ImageOlympus IX50-S8F2 Inverted System Microscope ImageOlympus IX50-S8F2 Inverted System Microscope Image

The IX50-S8F2 Inverted System Microscope is an inverted system microscope that addresses the observation and imaging needs of high-level laboratory and clinical applications. Modular design and the excellence of its optical system serve tasks from cell culture observation to fluorescence microscopy and in-vitro fertilization.


  • Superior frame stability, ergonomic layout and low-positioned controls make the IX50 the user-friendly microscope for the high-volume laboratory. Efficient operation is complimented by an unobtrusive long working distance condenser and adjustment-free 30W halogen illumination.
  • Advanced Phase Contrast technology offers superior imaging of multi-well plates and cultures. Image intensity for fluorescence microscopy is guaranteed by the "straight path," high-efficiency, fluorescence illuminator with four-position filter turret.
  • Modular design and a host of system components optimize features and optics for each laboratory. The sideport accepts video or digital cameras while the trinocular observation tube provides an additional photo port. Other components, including those from the IX70 Research Microscope, round out the system flexibility.


  • Robust design and convenient layout give the IX50 its fast operation and make accurate observation possible with minimal need for adjustment
  • Low stage position makes sample exchange effortless and gives a view of the stage area for constant orientation
  • Quick-change stage inserts accommodate all popular culture flask, petri dish and multi-well formats. A click feature supports screening of multi-well plates.
  • Low "flex handle" stage control provides convenience and speed
  • Waterproof nosepiece guide protects internal optics from spills; dust-proof design prevents deterioration of optical surfaces
  • Observable field is increased by 20%, due to the system's field number 22
  • Interchangeable observation tubes: Built-in centering telescope facilitates Phase Contrast adjustment. The trinocular observation tube provides an additional camera port.
  • The sideport can be customized by choosing and installing 80/20% or 100% reflection prisms
  • Straight path fluorescence illuminator, optimized for efficiency of excitation and fluorescence intensity, includes four-position fluorescence filter turret for rapid change of excitation modes


  • Electrical data: 100-120/220–240V~, 0.8/0.4A 50/60Hz
  • Eyepieces: WH10x/22
  • Objectives:
    • LCPhaseFL 20x/0.40 PHl
    • UPlaneFL 4x/0.13 PHL
    • Hamilton Thorne Biosciences XYClone Class One Laser with 40x/0.60 -/1 objective 
  • Illumination Column: IX-ILL30


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