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Pall Life Sciences Xpansion Multiplate Bioreactor System, Model XP200

Pall Life Sciences Xpansion Multiplate Bioreactor System, Model XP200 Image

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The Pall Life Sciences Xpansion Multiplate Bioreactor System is a single-use multiplate bioreactor for adherent cell culture, designed for shear-sensitive adherent cell applications, such as cultivation of stem cells.

The Xpansion multiplate bioreactor was developed for safe, large-scale production of traditional 2-D cell cultures. The multiplate structure is comprised of a large cell growth surface area (up to 122,400 cm2), while the compact design enables the elimination of the gas phase between the plates. This gas phase is replaced by an automatically controlled aeration system which provides advanced gas diffusion. Control is automatic via disposable pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) sensors. Temperature monitoring and agitation control are also included. Xpansion bioreactors offer the capability of monitoring cell morphology and density through the use of an optional digital holographic microscope.


  • USP Class VI certified materials
  • Designed for adherent cell culture applications
  • Single-use closed bioreactor, from vessel to sensors, reduces risk of contamination
  • 2-D multiplate design allows easy adaptation from traditional multitray systems
  • Real-time control and monitoring ensures reproducibility and traceability
  • Reduced operations results in process simplification, flexibility, and assurance


Number of Plates200
Cell Culture Surface122,400 cm² (18,972 in²)
Media Volume / Surface Area Ratio0.18 mL/cm²
Bioreactor Volume21.9 L
Central Column Volume527 mL
Weight23.4 kg. (50.7 lbs.)
Height81 cm (31.9")
Minimum Space Requirement (Bioreactor and Docking Station)48 cm W x 40 cm D x 99 cm H cm (19" x 16" x 39")
Plate Surface612 cm² (94.9 in²)
Plate Thickness0.1 cm (0.04 in.)
Distance Between Each Plate0.16 cm (0.06 in.)
Volume Between Each Plate98 mL
Head Space Volume50 mL
Sterilization Gamma-irradiated to>25 kGy

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