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Perkin Elmer AS 93 Plus Autosampler

Perkin Elmer AS 93 Plus Autosampler Image

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Perkin Elmer AS 93 Plus Autosampler ImagePerkin Elmer AS 93 Plus Autosampler ImagePerkin Elmer AS 93 Plus Autosampler Image

The Perkin Elmer AS93 Plus autosampler is a computer-controlled, multi-purpose sampling system for flame and flow-injection atomic absorption, ICP-OES and ICP-MS. They automate standard and sample introductions for instrument calibration and sample analysis via software commands, extending the spectrometer?s capabilities to those of a fully automated analytical workstation. Their performance has been proven in thousands of laboratories worldwide. The easily exchangeable sample trays give you the flexibility to use a variety of differently sized sample vessels. Use large-volume vessels for long-term, automatic operations requiring increased solution volumes. Use smaller vessels to analyze increased numbers of samples or when only small sample volumes are required. In addition to the variety of sample trays offered by PerkinElmer, the AS-93 Plus autosampler is also compatible with commonly-used sample trays from other manufacturers such as Gilson and Scienceware.

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