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PerkinElmer LS-50B Luminescence Spectrometer

PerkinElmer LS-50B Luminescence Spectrometer Image

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PerkinElmer LS-50B Luminescence Spectrometer ImagePerkinElmer LS-50B Luminescence Spectrometer ImagePerkinElmer LS-50B Luminescence Spectrometer Image

The Perkin-Elmer LS-50B Luminescence Spectrometer is a complete workstation for a very wide variety of sensitive biochemical studies, including fluorescence, phosphorescence, and bio-chemiluminescence. Featuring excitation and emission monochromators as well as excitation/emission polarizers suitable for fluorescence polarization, anisotropy, and ratio measurements, this instrument is routinely used for obtaining information regarding kinetics in competitive ligand binding assays on a millisecond timescale.

- Scanning range is 200-900 nm.
- Gated photomultiplier with modified S5 response for operation to about 650 nm.
- Interchangeable red-sensitive photomultiplier available for use to 900 nm.
- Wavelength Accuracy is plus or minus 1.0nm.


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