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PerkinElmer OPTIMA 7300DV ICP-OES SYSTEM Image

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PerkinElmer OPTIMA 7300DV ICP-OES SYSTEM ImagePerkinElmer OPTIMA 7300DV ICP-OES SYSTEM ImagePerkinElmer OPTIMA 7300DV ICP-OES SYSTEM ImagePerkinElmer OPTIMA 7300DV ICP-OES SYSTEM ImagePerkinElmer OPTIMA 7300DV ICP-OES SYSTEM ImagePerkinElmer OPTIMA 7300DV ICP-OES SYSTEM ImagePerkinElmer OPTIMA 7300DV ICP-OES SYSTEM ImagePerkinElmer OPTIMA 7300DV ICP-OES SYSTEM ImagePerkinElmer OPTIMA 7300DV ICP-OES SYSTEM Image

No matter how demanding your operating conditions or how high your sample throughput requirements, the Perkin Elmer Optima™ 7300 V with its intuitive Syngistix™ for ICP Software offers the ideal solution for economical elemental analysis.

Recognizing the unique needs of today’s metallurgical, geological and used oils laboratories, the instrument is engineered around a classic vertical torch design that eliminates carbon build-up and minimizes maintenance requirements. Ideal for applications that don’t require the degree of sensitivity offered by a dual-view optical system, the instrument’s radial viewing capability ensures fast, stable operation, dependable results, and a low cost per analysis.


Better Design. Better Results.

  • The optical system on the Optima 7300 V offers simultaneous measurement and coverage across the entire wavelength  range (UV and Visible). More than 73 elements can be measured in seconds for exceptional sample throughput, and all raw spectral data are stored with full reprocessing capabilities. This allows sample results to be evaluated under different processing conditions, reducing the need to re-runsamples, saving time and money. Not only is the Optima 7300 V capable of running more samples per hour—at a lower cost per analysis—than any other vertical-torch ICP system available, but it also ensuresaccuracy, improves method development and consistently delivers reliable results. 

Low Maintenance. High Performance. Reliable Solid State RF Generator -No power amplifier tubes to replace for economical operation and superior uptime. 

  • Free-running 40 MHz operation allows automaticoptimization with all sample matrices and solvents.Trouble-Free Sample Introduction Systems
  • The Oils model features a baffled-cyclonic spray chamberand low-flow GemCone™ nebulizer for robust, reliable,trouble-free operation.
  • The HF model features an HF-resistant PEEK (Poly-EtherEther-Ketone) cyclonic spray chamber and patented high-flowGemCone nebulizer with sapphire orifice.


  • Quick-change mount allows easy replacement without tools.
  • Special design virtually eliminates carbon formation duringused oils analyses, dramatically reducing routine maintenance.
  • Demountable sample injector allows the use of custominjectors to suit your application. Also allows separatemaintenance of torch and sample injector—no need toreplace both when only the injector needs cleaning/replacing.

Optical System

  • Temperature-controlled housing for optimal performance.
  • No moving parts for minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Unique optical compartment ensures exceptional long andshort-term wavelength stability for greater accuracy, morerepeatable results and improved productivity with less timespent on routine system calibration.

Patented High-Performance Segmented-Array Charge-Coupled
Device (SCD) Detectors

  • Provide the unparalleled performance required for difficultmatrices.
  • Offer the wavelength flexibility to successfully completevirtually any application.
  • Versatile wavelength selection allows you to analyze today’slist of required elements and delivers the flexibility to meetfuture needs.

Sample Compartment

  • The Optima 7300 V’s sample compartment providesa stable environment for fast equilibration, maximumsampling-system stability and superior performance.

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