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phcbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, Model MPR-722

phcbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, Model MPR-722 Image

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phcbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, Model MPR-722 Imagephcbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, Model MPR-722 Imagephcbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, Model MPR-722 Imagephcbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, Model MPR-722 Image

The phcbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, Model MPR-722 is an upright pharmaceutical refrigerator specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical, clinical, and research laboratories for safe and reliable storage of biological samples, vaccines, reagents, and other temperature-sensitive materials. It features a temperature range of 2°C to 23°C.

With a capacity of 24.2 cu. ft. (684 L) and advanced temperature control technology, this refrigerator offers consistent temperature uniformity throughout the storage compartment, ensuring the integrity of stored samples. The phcbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, Model MPR-722 is also engineered for energy efficiency, featuring insulated walls, LED lighting, and other energy-saving features to reduce operational costs and environmental impact. 


  • High-performance cooling system with rapid temperature recovery capabilities, minimizing temperature fluctuations and providing stable storage conditions even in demanding laboratory environments.
  • Ample storage space (24.2 cu. ft, 684 L) for organizing and storing a variety of sample types and sizes.
  • Intuitive control panel for easy monitoring and adjustment of temperature settings, alarms, and other operating parameters.
  • Door locks, temperature alarms, and data logging capabilities to ensure sample security and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Designed for energy efficiency, with insulated walls and LED lighting. 


Capacity: 24.2 cu. ft. (684 L)
Temperature Range: 2°C to 23°C
Temperature Control System: Microprocessor Control System
Area Footprint: 9.08 sq.ft. (0.84 m2)
Dimensions, Exterior: 30.3" W x 36.2" D x 76.9" H inches (77 x 92 x 195.5 cm) 
Dimensions, Interior: 25.6" W x 27.9" D x 59.0" H inches (65 x 71 x 150 cm)
Insulation: CFC free urethane 
Cooling Method: Uniformity forced air 
Shelves: 4, adjustable
Access Port: 3, Left/right sides, ceiling (1.1" (30 mm) diameter)
Cooling Method: Uniformity forced air
Compressor: Hermetic type, Output; 200 W
Defrost: Electronically monitored evaporator
Refrigerant: SNAP Approved HFO R-513A
Temperature Control Range:
Alarms: High temperature, low temperature, door ajar, power failure
Door Lock: Key
Noise: 48 dB(A) (background noise 20 dB(A))
Energy Star Certified: ENERGY STAR Unique ID 2362229
Weight: 334 lbs (174 kg)

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