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PolyScience Intracooler, Model N5341619

PolyScience Intracooler, Model N5341619 Image

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PolyScience Intracooler, Model N5341619 ImagePolyScience Intracooler, Model N5341619 ImagePolyScience Intracooler, Model N5341619 Image

The PolyScience Intracooler, Model N5341619 is a circulator designed for rapid cooling and accurate temperature control. you need to chill samples, condense vapors, or maintain a specific temperature range, this intracooler has got you covered.

Featuring a compact and user-friendly design, the PolyScience Intracooler, Model N5341619 is easy to set up and operate. The intuitive control panel allows for precise adjustments of temperature, while the digital display provides real-time monitoring and feedback. With its robust construction and reliable performance, you can trust the Intracooler to deliver consistent results, experiment after experiment.

The versatility of the PolyScience Intracooler, Model N5341619 is unmatched. It offers a wide temperature range, making it suitable for various applications in chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals, and more. From routine laboratory tasks to complex research projects, this intracooler meets the demands of diverse scientific disciplines.

One of the standout features of the PolyScience Intracooler, Model N5341619 is its exceptional cooling capacity. Equipped with a high-performance compressor and advanced refrigeration system, it provides rapid and uniform cooling, ensuring efficient heat transfer and optimal sample preservation. Say goodbye to lengthy waiting times and hello to accelerated workflows.

Safety is a top priority, and the PolyScience Intracooler, Model N5341619 doesn't compromise. It is designed with built-in safety features, including over-temperature protection and automatic fault detection, ensuring reliable and worry-free operation. The Intracooler's quiet operation and low vibration also contribute to a comfortable and undisturbed working environment.


Temperature Setability: +/- 0.1°C
Tmeperature Uniformity: +/- 0.5°C
Readout Selectability: °C or °F
Pump Inlet & Outlet: 0.5 in. NPT
Shipping Weight: 155 lbs
Reservoir Capacity: 6.25 liters 
Cooling Capacity @ 20°C: 750 Watts
Power: 120 V, 60 Hz
Operating Temperature: -5°C to 40°C
Pressure at 0 Flow Rate: 10 psi
Flow Rate @ 0 psi: 4.3 gpm/16.3 lpm
Dimensions: 14.44" W x 26.5" D x 24" H (36.5 x 67.3 x 61 cm) 

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