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Qiagen QIAgility System HEPA/UV

Qiagen QIAgility System HEPA/UV Image

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Qiagen QIAgility System HEPA/UV ImageQiagen QIAgility System HEPA/UV ImageQiagen QIAgility System HEPA/UV Image

The Qiagen QIAgility System HEPA/UV is a compact benchtop instrument providing rapid, high-precision automated PCR setup. The QIAgility is versatile supporting almost all tube and plate formats, as well as Rotor-Discs for the Rotor-Gene Q. Features include: Automated PCR setup in all formats; Convenient, easy-to-use software; Standardized results and increased productivity; Elimination of manual pipetting steps; Seamless integration with QIAGEN sample technologies.

- Communications: USB and RS232
- Conductive Filtered Tips: 50 µl and 200 µl Conductive Filtered Tips for liquid-level sensing
- Consumables: 10 racks of 50 µl Conductive Filtered Tips (960); 10 racks of 200 µl Conductive Filtered Tips (960); 25 x 5 ml tubes; 100 x 0.2 µl PCR tubes; 3 Tip Disposal Boxes
- Dimensions: Height: 45 cm (18 in.), instrument lid closed; Height: 86 cm (34 in.), instrument lid open; Width: 54 cm (21 in.); Depth: 63 cm (25 in.), without cables
- Electrical     100–240 V, 250 VA, 50–60 Hz, 5 A fuse
- HEPA filter: Preinstalled dual-cartridge 3M Air-Mate HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter system provides positive pressure clean air within the closed hood.
- Humidity: Operating humidity: 40–70%
- Liquid-level sensing: Minimum detection volume (10 µl in 200 µl PCR tubes). Only functional in combination with QIAGEN Conductive Filtered Tips.
- Minimum computer requirements: Windows 7 Professional (32 bit) or Windows XP Professional SP3, Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher), at least 2.5 GHz CPU, at least 2 GB RAM, RS-232 serial port or USB 2.0 port or PCMCIA slot (for notebook only), DVD/CD-ROM, 800 MB free hard drive capacity, at least 1024 x 768 screen resolution
- Pipetting head: Single channel, 20–150 µl/s (software-controlled)
- Precision: CV <1%, 5–200 µl (dry-well transfer); CV <5%, 2–5 µl (wet-well transfer); CV <10%, 1 µl
- Software: Supplied with unlimited user license. Free upgrades by Web download.
- Table capacity: 6 x SBS positions (127.76 x 85.48 mm) for adapters and Tip Rack Holders; 1 x Master Mix Block; 1 x Reagent Block
- Temperature: Operating temperature, 15–35 °C (59–95°F)
- Tip disposal: All used tips ejected externally — no waste accumulation on the worktable
- Tip volume: 1–200 µl
- UV lamp: Preinstalled UV lamp for worktable sterilization
- Weight: 41 kg (90.2 lb), standard configuration

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