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Sartorius Proline Plus 5-Pack

Sartorius Proline Plus 5-Pack Image

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Sartorius Proline Plus 5-Pack ImageSartorius Proline Plus 5-Pack ImageSartorius Proline Plus 5-Pack Image

The Sartorious Proline Plus 5-Pack is both light in weight and robust in use tolerates heavy use, being made of materials highly resistant to chemicals and UV radiation fully autoclavable, and easy to maintain.  It has only 3 parts to be disassembled and cleaned and no tools are needed.  There is a large clear display, with large numbers for easy volume adjustment.

Features include:

  • Set of 5 Proline Plus pipettes, covering volume range from 0,5 µl
    to 5000 µl
  • Carousel Stand to accommodate six pipettes keeping them free
    from contamination, when preventing pipette contact with
  • 200 µl Optifit Tips proven to fit with Proline Plus pipettes for
    accurate results
  • Elbow Pad that offers a comfortable resting pad for your elbow

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