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Shimadzu DGU-20A3 Degasser

Shimadzu DGU-20A3 Degasser Image

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Shimadzu DGU-20A3 Degasser ImageShimadzu DGU-20A3 Degasser ImageShimadzu DGU-20A3 Degasser ImageShimadzu DGU-20A3 Degasser Image

Shimadzu DGU-20A3 Degasser

Number of Flow Lines3
Degassing PerformanceUV absorption difference with and without degasser is over 300 mAU (using UV absorption detector, wavelength 210 nm, sensitivity 0.5 AU, flowing Methanol saturated with dissolved oxygen (HPLC grade) at 25°C with 1 ml/min)
Max. Operating Flow Rate20 mL/min per flow line (using deionized water –applicable range varies depending on the solvent being delivered).
Internal Capacity380 µL per flow line
Pressure Resistance98 kPa (1 kgf/cm2) or less Only when suctioning with the delivery unit. Pressurized delivery to the degasser is prohibited.)
Tubing3 mm O.D. x 1.5 mm I.D. PTFE tubing
Materials Contacting SolventsSpecial synthetic polymers designed for all solvents (degassing membrane), PEEK (connector joints)
External OutputWhen system self-diagnostics detects an abnormality, a signal is output to the external terminal (ALARM)
Self-cleaningIncludes mechanism that extends vacuum pump life by drawing in air when the vacuum pump is running
Dimensions10.25" W x 16.55 x 2.85" H (26 x 42 x 7.2 cm)
Weight11 lbs. (5 kg)
Operating Conditions4 – 35°C, 20 – 85% humidity
Power supply+24 V (powered via connection by remote cable to delivery unit)

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