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Sorvall RC-M120EX Micro-Ultracentrifuge

Sorvall RC-M120EX Micro-Ultracentrifuge Image

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Sorvall RC-M120EX Micro-Ultracentrifuge ImageSorvall RC-M120EX Micro-Ultracentrifuge ImageSorvall RC-M120EX Micro-Ultracentrifuge Image


The Sorvall RC-M120EX Micro-Ultracentrifuge is designed to be user friendly and reliable. They are microcomputer controlled which allows for programming of run conditions (up to ten programs can be saved); step-mode operation (up to nine steps per program); delayed start operation; variable acceleration and deceleration rates; three steps of vacuum level indication (low, intermediate, and high); and alarm codes that help identify the cause of a performance error. 

The drive system uses a high-torque, high frequency air-cooled motor that offers the optimum in centrifuge drive performance. The high torque of the motor results in faster acceleration and braking. The motor is brushless, which eliminates the maintenance problems associated with carbon brushes.

Safety features include:

  • Rotor Chamber Guard Ring: the rotor chamber is enclosed by a thick steel guard ring, which provides protection in the even of a rotor failure.
  • Imbalance Detector: Detects rotor imbalance and will cause a run in progress to terminate if abnormal imbalance is detected to protect the centrifuge drive system and help prevent rotor failure.
  • Overspeed Detector: Detects rotor speed in excess of the maximum allowable speed of the rotor in use. In the event rotor speed exceeds the allowable limit during a run, the overspeed detector will cause the run in progress to terminate. In addition, if a set speed is selected that is higher than the maximum rated speed of the installed rotor, this detector will cause the run to terminate when the rotor accelerates above 5000 rpm.