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Sorvall RT7 Plus Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge

Sorvall RT7 Plus Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge Image

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The Sorvall RT7 Refrigerated Centrifuge combines the features of the tabletop centrifuge and those of the larger refrigerated centrifuge in a compact tabletop instrument. It is similar to other Sorvall tabletop centrifuges, with an added refrigeration system that consists of an evaporator/rotor chamber and a low-temperature condensing unit.

The RT7 features digital readout displays, a closed-loop speed control, and has a tachometer port that allows rotor calibration. The chamber door is counterbalanced for easy opening and safe closing. The gyro-action, self-centering drive has a hex drive spindle which assures proper seating of rotors. This centrifuge also has a slow-start feature that slowly accelerates the rotor from 0 to 500 rpm. This rotor has a maximum capacity of 4 x 750ml and can reach speeds up to 4,000 rpm and 3,313 x g.


  • Max Speed: 7000 rpm
  • Accuracy Speed: 100 rpm
  • Max Force: 5856g
  • Operating Temp: -20 to 40°C Accuracy 2°C
  • RCF Readout: Yes
  • Braking System: Manual
  • Weight: 182 lbs (82.55 kg)
  • Dimensions: 32" L x 25" D x 12.5" H (81.28 x 63.5 x 31.75)
  • Max Capacity: 4 x 750ml
  • Temperature Control Range: -5°C to 25°C
  • Temperature Control Accuracy: ±2°C
  • Run Time: Up to 30 mins; plus continuous run
  • Electrical: 115V, 60Hz, 12A

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