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SpectroLine BIB-150BX UV LAMP

SpectroLine BIB-150BX UV LAMP Image

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SpectroLine BIB-150BX UV LAMP ImageSpectroLine BIB-150BX UV LAMP ImageSpectroLine BIB-150BX UV LAMP Image

The SpectroLine BIB-150BX UV LAMP provides super-high UV-A intensity light. Its light weight and ergonomic design ensure easy handling for long use.


  • Precision engineered -  to produce super-high ultraviolet intensity and performance at an economical price. Improved, crack-resistant filter minimizes visible light (less than 2 foot-candles or 20 lux) while maximizing long wave UV irradiance. The BIB-150P easily meets MIL and ASTM specs for FPI and MPI.
  • Polymer housing - makes the lamp extremely impact-resistant and dent-proof.
  • 150W built-in ballast bulb requires no heavy external transformer. As a result, the bulk and weight are gone, yet all the power of a transformer-based unit remains.
    Light-weight, ergonomic design -  total weight of only 3¼ pounds (1.5kg). The lamp head, including the heat guard/stand, measures 9 5/8 inches (24cm) long. The power cord exits directly from the bottom of the contoured pistol-grip handle, resulting in better balance.
  • Safety and convenience - vinyl-coated, stainless-steel, wraparound heat guard/stand protects against burns and acts as a lamp stand. Its special insulators absorb mechanical shock to extend bulb and filter life. The 3-wire power cord, made of heat-resistant material, reduces the risk of shock hazard. Because there’s no bulky transformer to drag around and it has an 20-foot  power cord, you can use it anywhere.

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