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STI Caloratherm

STI Caloratherm Image

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STI Caloratherm ImageSTI Caloratherm Image

Chromatographic trends indicate that separation scientists are finding increasingly more value in decreased analysis time. The STI Caloratherm offers that value by making it possible to perform efficient analyses at temperatures elevated above ambient. With the use of elevated temperature and the Caloratherm, it is now possible to increase your flow rates up to 5 mL/min without losing theoretical plates and peak symmetry due to the thermal mismatch of your mobile phase and column temperatures. The Caloratherm is a perfect complement to all existing column heaters.

Caloratherm Improves Chromatography at Elevated Temperatures

  • Increase usable mobile phase temperature range simply by adding the Caloratherm to your existing system without adding extra dead volume.
  • Easily place the heating cartridge within your column heater between the incoming fluid source and your column.
  • Set the Caloratherm control unit anywhere on your bench top with its small footprint (6.0" x 3.0" x 4.5").
  • Improve chromatographic efficiency and peak shape by eliminating band broadening due to thermal mismatch.
  • Decrease run time, increase signal to noise ratios and improve peak shape.
  • Caloratherm is versatile - use it to heat or cool the mobile phase
  • Utilize dual functionality options by using it in either the Peltier cooling or active heating mode.
  • Provide dynamic, independent temperature control of your mobile phase immediately before entering the column or post-column for extended detector stabilization.



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