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Stratagene Robocycler 96

Stratagene Robocycler 96 Image

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Stratagene Robocycler 96 ImageStratagene Robocycler 96 Image


The Stratagene RoboCycler 96 temperature cycler is quite different in design than most traditional PCR machines. As such, it can be used with more applications than most other machines. The RoboCycler has 4 temperature blocks. The first 3 blocks can be used for temperatures ranging from 25ºC to 99ºC, and Block 4 can be used for temperatures ranging from 6ºC to 25ºC. One of the blocks (Block 2) can even be programmed for a temperature gradient. This allows samples within the same run to be exposed to temperatures varying in the range of 45º to 99ºC or 35ºto 99ºC, depending on the model. Samples are moved from one block to the next via a rotating, robotic arm. Because of the movement from one temperature block to the next, it is not necessary for the machine to take time ramping like most PCR machines. This is a nice feature, because it saves time.