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Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge

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The Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge


  • Reads vacuum in 7 international units
  • Uses ½ the battery power than other models
  • Cleaning port provides quick cleaning and drying of sensor
  • Uses standard 9V Alkaline battery
  • Convenient built-in hanger

Operating Controls: 

  • Turning the vacuum gauge ON: Press and hold the ON button for about 3 seconds, until "SUPCO VG64" appears on the display. 
  • Turning the vacuum gauge OFF: Press the OFF button. To prolong battery life, when vacuum reading is above 12,000 Microns for about 10 minutes, the VG64 will automatically turn OFF. 
  • Changing the scale: Press the Scale button to change the display to the next scale. The scale order is: Microns, PSI, Inches of mercury (InHg), milliBars, Pascals, Torr and milliTorr. VG64 will keep the scale settings even if the power is turned OFF.

Understanding the Display:

  • When the vacuum reading is above 12,000 Microns (1,600 Pascals), the first line of the display shows "Atm." The second line displays a bar graph to indicate the direction in which the vacuum is moving. When the bar graph is moving from left to right, the pressure is increasing. When the bar graph is moving from right to left, the pressure is decreasing. The speed of the bar graph indicates how fast the pressure is increasing or decreasing. The bar graph indicator may be inaccurate for a few seconds after the evacuation of the system has begun.
  • The bar graph disappears if the vacuum does not change for about 10 seconds. 
  • When the vacuum reading is below 12,000 Microns (1,600 Pascals), the vacuum in the selected units is displayed.

Connecting the VG64 to the Vacuum System:

  • The VG64 should only be connected to the vacuum system at the vacuum port. The "Auxiliary Port" is primarily for cleaning and should normally be closed with the supplied cap.

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