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Syngene Chromascan: TLC Capture and Analysis System

Syngene Chromascan: TLC Capture and Analysis System Image

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Syngene Chromascan: TLC Capture and Analysis System ImageSyngene Chromascan: TLC Capture and Analysis System ImageSyngene Chromascan: TLC Capture and Analysis System Image

The Syngene Chromascan: TLC Capture and Analysis System is an affordable system for TLC plate capture and analysis. It features a powerful 16 bit color digital camera with outstanding color rendition and will give perfect images of your TLC plates quickly and conveniently. Most importantly, Chromascan allows you to acquire a digital image of your plate using a range of wavelength options and then to archive it. The ability to view both sample and standard adjacent to each other is a very powerful tool.

Chromascan combines an exceptionally versatile software module with a robust and easy to use imaging system to give you an outstanding instrument for all TLC plate applications. Built to the highest standards but at an economic cost, Chromascan is the ideal choice for your laboratory. Images captured from either system can be fully analysed using the dedicated ChromaTools software. Chromascan is both GMP and GLP compliant. IQ/OQ qualifications can be provided and Chromascan meets the 21CFR part 11 requirements.



  • Versatility: The choice of darkroom design enables the user to select a system to meet a budget. If space is a concern, the small footprint of the Chromascan Lite takes up minimal laboratory bench space. Select either the manually driven Chromascan Lite or the automatic Chromascan.
  • High Quality Imaging: Uses a 1.4m pixel colour CCD camera and hence produce identical images. The 16 bit images give excellent dynamic range and accuracy when working in quantitative modes.
  • Lighting Options: You can use the internal white light for illumination. There is also a dual UV lighting module for 365nm and 254nm illumination meaning that you can work with a range of different plate types.
  • Easy To Use Analysis Software: All models are supplied with ChromaTools software which has been specifically designed for TLC plate applications. The software enables you to rapidly analyse all types of plates.



  • Darkroom: G:BOX style
  • Lighting:
    • Internal LED white light
    • Light tight viewing darkroom
    • Computer controlled darkroom
    • Dual UV light module (365 and 254nm)
  • Camera: 1.4m pixel CCD colour
  • Lens: 8 - 48mm motor driven zoom lens with feedback

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