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Thermo Forma Model 8523 -86C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

Thermo Forma Model 8523 -86C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Image

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Thermo Forma Model 8523 -86C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Image


The Thermo Forma 8523 Bio Freezer is ,ultra-low temperature freezers. For durability and performance purposes, all Forma 8523 series freezer cabinets are constructed of high quality, heavy gauge, cold-rolled steel. The Forma 8523S comes enhanced with the Forma Enviro-Scan Microprocessor Monitoring System. The monitoring system incorporates a sensi-touch keypad, a digital display, and audible and visual indicators to keep the user up to date on the freezers functions. The interior of the Forma 8525 features a down-feed evaporator system that is sized for maximum heat removal and temperature uniformity. The exclusive thermal bonding method achieves ultimate BTU removal. The Forma 8523 series also uses hermetically-sealed compressors that cycle simultaneously to maintain temperature and minimize power consumption.

In the event of power failure, the Forma 8523 is enhanced with a built-in battery back-up system. The charging system for the battery back-up is designed to maintain a full charge on the batteries to keep them ready in the event of a power outage.