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TSI Model 3022A Condensation Particle Counter

TSI Model 3022A Condensation Particle Counter  Image

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TSI Model 3022A Condensation Particle Counter  ImageTSI Model 3022A Condensation Particle Counter  Image


Particle size range: Minimum detectable particle: 50% of 7-nm particles

Maximum detectable particle: >3 µm

Particle concentration range: 0 to 9.99 × 106 particles/cm3; counts single particles in concentrations from 0 to 104 particles/cm3, photometric calibration from 104 to 107 particles/cm3; provides running-average over 1, 2, 20, and 200 seconds depending on concentration range; display updated every second.

Concentration accuracy: ±10% up to 5 × 105 particles/cm3, ± 20% from 5 × 105 to 107 particles/cm3; coincidence less than 2% at 104 particles/cm3; live-time particle counting from 103 to 104 particles/cm3 provides automatic correction for coincidence

False background counts: <0.01 particle/cm3

Response time: <13 sec for 95% response to concentration step change when sampling in high-flow mode; <20 sec for low-flow mode

Aerosol medium: Recommended for use with air; safe for use with inert gases such as nitrogen, argon, and helium (Performance specifications are for air.)

Signal-to-noise ratio: 25:1 nominal

Light source: Stable, 5-mW, 780-nm laser diode



Aerosol flow rate: 300 ± 15 cm3/min

High-flow inlet: 1500 ± 150 cm3/min

Low-flow inlet: 300 ± 15 cm3/min

Flow control: Automatic volumetric flow control calibrated using pressure drop across capillary to control an internal carbon-vane pump


Condensing liquid

Working fluid: Reagent-grade n-butyl alcohol (not included)

Filling system: Electronic liquid-level sensor initiates automatic filling as needed, requires connection to fill bottle (provided with instrument)


Operating temperatures

Saturator: 35 ± 0.3 °C

Condenser: 10 ± 0.3 °C

Optics: 36 ± 2.0 °C



Protocol: Command set based on ASCII characters

Interface: RS-232, 9-pin, “D” subminiature connector, pinouts compatible with standard IBM-style serial cables and interfaces



Digital display: Concentration, total counts, status (temperatures, aerosol flow, photodetector voltage)

Analog: BNC connection, 0 to 10 volts, user-selectable function output (linearized concentration, log concentration, aerosol flow, pump control, photodetector voltage) (For use in TSI SMPS systems, a Host mode allows output to 11 volts.)

Pulse: BNC connection, 13V square pulse, typically 3.3 µsec wide


Power requirements: 100/120/230/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 200 W maximum

Dimensions (LWH): 24 cm × 38 cm × 20 cm (9.5 in. × 15 in. × 8 in.), not including fill bottle and bracket

Weight: 12.5 kg (27 lb)

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