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Varian 3400 Gas Chromatograph

Varian 3400 Gas Chromatograph Image

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Varian 3400 Gas Chromatograph ImageVarian 3400 Gas Chromatograph ImageVarian 3400 Gas Chromatograph Image


The Varian 3400 Gas Chromatograph, with Single Split/Splitless, accommodates standard and capillary injectors and the 8035 autosampler for automated operation. Two ionization detectors or one TCD may be installed. The column oven accepts packed or fused silica capillary columns. On board computer guides you through operation via the on line display and the self-diagnostic capability allows you to test instrument condition and to detect and identify faulty circuits. In addition, continuous testing is done by the instrument to detect possible electronic failures. If such failures are found, protective action is automatically taken and you are notified via the display.