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Varian ProStar 335 Diode Array Detector

Varian ProStar 335 Diode Array Detector Image

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Varian ProStar 335 Diode Array Detector ImageVarian ProStar 335 Diode Array Detector ImageVarian ProStar 335 Diode Array Detector Image

The Varian ProStar 335 Diode Array Detector with programmable slit widths delivers extreme sensitivity and spectral resolution from 190 nm to 950 nm. Dual pathlength flow cells provide an extended dynamic range from 0.0005 AU to 70 AU. A high light throughput optical design ensures superb sensitivity, low noise performance, excellent resolution and stability. Spectral processing software enables peak purity measurement and automated peak identification.

- Dual-beam optics and a polychromator grating provide high accuracy and reliability.
- Seamless Spectral Coverage Technology (SSCT) eliminates second-order light for most accurate spectral information.
- Unique focusing lenses in the flow cell dramatically reduce refractive index effects.
- Dual pathlength flow cells coupled with two diode arrays significantly extend the absorbance range of conventional PDA detectors making this the only true scale-up diode array detector on the market.
- Interchangeable, cartridge-style flow cells quickly reconfigure the detector for scale-up work from microbore flow rates of microliters per minute to preparative flow rates of milliliters per minute.
- Peak purity & spectral search capability – the industry s most comprehensive spectral processing software makes fast work of reducing spectral data.
- Easy automatic peak identification is with user-customized library searches.
- Compare spectra of unknown analytes with stored spectral data of known compounds.
- Galaxie Chromatography Data System, Galaxie Workstation and Star Workstation all provide complete system control, dataanalysis and multiple reporting options and tools to facilitate 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.An electronic logbook recordslamp hours.
- IQ, OQ, & PQ documentation packages help meet regulatory requirements.
- Validation manuals for Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) aid GLP and GMP compliance.</p>

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