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Velocity 11 PlateLoc Thermal Plate Sealer

Velocity 11 PlateLoc Thermal Plate Sealer Image

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Velocity 11 PlateLoc Thermal Plate Sealer ImageVelocity 11 PlateLoc Thermal Plate Sealer ImageVelocity 11 PlateLoc Thermal Plate Sealer Image

Velocity11’s PlateLoc® Thermal Plate Sealer has distinguished itself as the premier thermal sealer through its speed, small footprint, ease of use and dependability. In designing the PlateLoc, Velocity11 overcame the challenges of sealing a wide range of microplates by developing a versatile instrument that automatically accommodates deepwell, assay, PCR, and compound storage plates. Standalone mode operation enables full control of sealing time and temperature through the PlateLoc’s touch screen, while a choice of plate stage inserts ensures the best possible seal for any microplate.

As with every Velocity11 product, the PlateLoc is ideal for robotic integration, featuring an extended-travel plate stage, RS-232 serial port and an ActiveX control. In order to minimize system downtime spent replenishing consumables, a top-loading seal support and a seal loading card allow easy replacement of the seal roll. A variety of aluminium and clear seals is available for various applications.


- Easy to Operate:Touch screen interface for fast and easy manual operation.

- High Precision: With sealing temperature control of ±2 °C and advanced seal slitting control, seal integrity will be the same for every plate.   

- High Speed: Fast machine cycle times, and no required cool down periods mean you will spend your time sealing plates, not waiting.   

- Flexibility: Automatically adjusting to accommodate a wide range of microplates and tube racks, the PlateLoc can handle all of your sealing needs.  Plate stage inserts provide maximum support for even the most difficult plate types.

- Ideal for System Integration: With the industries smallest instrument footprint and numerous proven integrations, the PlateLoc is the first choice for system integrators.

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