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VWR Symphony ULT Freezer

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VWR Symphony ULT Freezer ImageVWR Symphony ULT Freezer ImageVWR Symphony ULT Freezer ImageVWR Symphony ULT Freezer ImageVWR Symphony ULT Freezer Image

The VWR Symphony ULT Freezer is an ultra-low temperature freezer designed for the storage of valuable biological samples, such as DNA, RNA, proteins, and cell cultures. This innovative freezer offers exceptional performance, reliability, and ease of use, making it the perfect tool for a wide range of applications in research and biotech laboratories.

The VWR Symphony ULT Freezer features a range of advanced technologies, including a microprocessor-controlled cooling system that maintains a temperature range of -86°C to -50°C with exceptional uniformity and stability. The advanced refrigeration system ensures rapid cooling and fast recovery times, even in high-load conditions, allowing for the safe and reliable storage of valuable samples.

The VWR Symphony ULT Freezer is equipped with a range of user-friendly features designed to optimize ease of use and minimize downtime.

  • Intuitive touch-screen interface allows for easy control of all freezer functions
  • Automated defrost system minimizes the need for manual maintenance.
    Safety alarms, including high/low temperature, power failure, and door ajar alarms
  • Security features, including password protection, a door lock, and an access log


Capacity: 22 cu. ft (622.9 L)
Temperature Range: -50°C to -86°C
Dimensions: 40.74"W x 35.43"D x 78"H (103.5 x 90 x 198 cm)
Power: 120V 60Hz, 18A, 1200 W
Weight: 663 lbs (301 kg)


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