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Waters Acquity Sample Manager - FTN

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The Waters Acquity UPLC Sample Manager with Flow-Through Needle (SM-FTN) offers excellent carryover performance. 


  • Flow-Through Needle Technology: The Waters Acquity UPLC Sample Manager with Flow-Through Needle (SM-FTN) accelerates sample handling with its advanced flow-through needle technology. This design minimizes carryover and cross-contamination, ensuring the highest data integrity and reliability in your UPLC (Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography) analyses.

  • Precise and Reproducible: Achieve consistent and repeatable results with the SM-FTN's exceptional precision in sample aspiration and injection. Every analysis will benefit from the unparalleled accuracy of this sample manager.

  • High Throughput: Accelerate your laboratory's productivity with the Waters Acquity UPLC Sample Manager with Flow-Through Needle (SM-FTN). Its high-speed sample processing capabilities enable swift sample injections, reducing downtime and increasing the number of analyses you can perform in a given time frame.


Total system bandspread, 5σ: 6 to 9uL

Test conditions
Mobile phase: 90:10 water/acetonitrile
Flow rate: 0.1 to 1.0 mL/min in 0.1 mL/min increments
Weak wash: 90:10 water/acetonitrile
Strong wash: 90:10 water/acetonitrile
Sample: 0.01 mg/mL caffeine (1-ul injection volume); 0.030 mg/mL caffeine (0.5-ul injection volume); 0.050 mg/mL caffeine (0.2-ul injection volume)
Column compartment: CH-A

Total system dwell volume: <100uL, default configuration
Integrated leak management: Leak sensors, as standard, and safe leak handling. Drip trays direct all leaks to the front of the instrument, and then into waste line.
Operating flow rate range: 0.010 to 2.000 mL/min, in 0.001 mL increments

Maximum operating pressure:
124,106 kPa (1241 bar, 18,000 psi) up to 1mL/min
82,737 kPa (827 bar, 12,000 psi) up to 2mL/min
pH range: pH 2 to 12

Gradient mixers:
Binary solvent manager, 50 uL mixer/filter
Unattended operation: Leak sensors, full 96-hour diagnostic data display through ACQUITY UPLC console software

Injection cycle time: <15s

Test conditions:
Solvent A: water/acetonitrile, 90:10
Solvent B: 100% acetonitrile
Weak wash: water/acetonitrile, 90:10
Strong wash: water/acetonitrile, 90:10
Column: ACQUITY UPLC BEH C18 1.7 μm, 2.1 × 50 mm
Sample: caffeine at 0.04 mg/mL in water/acetonitrile, 90:10
Mobile phase: 100% solvent A
Isocratic chromatography
Flow rate: 0.4mL/min
Injection volume: 1uL
Load ahead mode: enabled
Run time: 2.0 min
Detection: UV at 273 nm

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