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Waters Acquity UPLC System With TUV Detector

Waters Acquity UPLC System With TUV Detector Image

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The Waters Acquity UPLC System With TUV Detector offers high-speed detection for productivity, sensitivity, and resolution  - unprecedented in HPLC techniques being used in the laboratory today. The tunable, dual wavelength ultraviolet/visible (UV/Vis) TUV detector offers optimal linearity, resolution, and sensitivity for UPLC/UV separations.  It features uniquely designed, patented, light-guiding flow cell technology, low-noise performance (6 μAU), and support for data rates up to 80 Hz.

UPLC System Features:

  • Pressure envelope extends to 9500 psi at 5 mL/min
  • Sample and column heating and cooling
  • High performance analytical optical detectors, including photodiode array and UV/Vis
  • Ease of operation with fully automated prep function in the console
  • Fluidic path designed to reduce clogging associated with high salt content buffers.
  • Wide range of scalable column chemistries including CORTECS, XBridge, XSelect, Atlantis, and SunFire
  • Automated qualification tools to minimize compliance costs and time

TUV Detector Features:

  • Maximum signal-to-noise response enabled by light-guiding flow cell technology, which eliminates internal absorption, for minimal bandspreading and maintained concentration
  • High sensitivity for low-level detection for simultaneous quantitation of major and minor components
    Intuitive set-up, monitoring, and diagnostics with a customizable instrument console for both
  • Empower and MassLynx Software
  • Independent optimization of data rate and filter time constants for the accurate integrations of narrow, sharp peaks typically characterized by UPLC

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