Lab Equipment Sale


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What are the right services for you?

Our surplus strategies go beyond a 'one-size-fits-all' approach and we ensure an easy-to-work-with partnership.

Surplus laboratory equipment Asset Valuation

Discover the fair market value of your surplus assets. Our Buyers have the pulse on current values for life science assets. After reviewing current market prices and inventory levels, you’ll receive a quote for cash, trade-in and store credit. Choose the solution that works best for you.


Surplus laboratory equipment Redeployment

Redeploy your working assets to your other locations, locally and across the globe. We'll ensure your equipment arrives to its location in working order.

Surplus laboratory equipment Lab Relocation

Moving? We can deliver white glove service that ensure your assets are carefully and professionally packed, shipped and delivered with care to your new location.


Surplus laboratory equipment Lab Closure

Labs close for multiple reasons. During these times we ensure you receive maximum ROI for your liquidated assets so you can recover your costs and begin your next project or venture.

Surplus laboratory equipment Project Management

Whether you have idle equipment in your lab taking up valuable space or paying unnecessary costs for overflow warehouses and storage rooms, we’ll oversee the decontamination, decommissioning, packing and shipping of your surplus equipment.


Surplus laboratory equipment Program Management

Whether on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, we can manage the flow of your surplus assets and ensure your idle equipment is working for you.

Surplus lab equipment Outright Purchase

Receive full payment within 30-days for all your surplus equipment. And with larger lots we’ll buy it all. No need to deal with the leftover items. Let us take that burden off your shoulders.


Surplus lab equipment Store Credit

Receive store credit for any future purchase. And the best part, they NEVER expire.

Surplus lab equipment Consignment

Minimize down-time and continue to use your equipment until you receive you’re asking price.


Surplus lab equipment Auction

Whether you prefer an onsite or online auction, ALT will help guide you on asset valuations to determine reserves and beginning bid pricing.