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The ALT Difference Compared to Other Used Lab Equipment Providers

January 19, 2016

Several companies are advertising the same product, so why should I work with your company?

When you call ALT, you’ll hear words like “solutions, partnership, and commitment.”  Sure, ALT offers competitively priced instruments and we even offer a price match guarantee, but our primary goal is to be your long-term business partner and your trusted source for premium refurbished lab equipment.

Where are the instruments? Do you have them in stock? May I visit your facility?

ALT takes pride in stocking more than 12,000 items between our two warehouse facilities in East Lyme, CT and San Diego, CA. We invite you to visit either location for a tour.

I’m ready to buy, but how do I know that the products you sell are serviced and tested to ensure they work?

At ALT, every item we sell goes through a rigorous checkpoint system right before we ship the item. This includes any necessary parts or repairs to bring the instrument back to manufacturer specification. Test reports can be provided on request. 

I’m tired of money-back guarantees and ‘as-is’ auctions. Do you provide a warranty on the instruments you sell? 

ALT offers a standard 90-day warranty on everything we sell and we also offer a competitively priced one-year upgraded warranty.

Okay, so you have a warranty, but what does it cover?

At ALT, our policy is simple: should you encounter a problem with the instrument during the warranty period, we want to be your first call. You’ll speak with one of our service engineers who will work with you to see if the problem can be resolved over the phone. If not, the item will be repaired or replaced promptly. As with any equipment warranty, consumable items are excluded as are failures resulting from improper use.

Now the warranty is up and like clockwork, the instrument stops functioning. So, what happens if a problem arises after the warranty period?

Our goal is to help make sure that you have a working instrument for as long as you own it. While your repair may no longer be 100% covered, we charge a nominal evaluation fee to diagnose the problem and provide you with a fair estimate. Should you decide to proceed with the repair, your evaluation fee will be credited to the repair estimate.

When you receive my order, when will you ship the item? 

At ALT, when we receive your order, we move the item from our warehouse to our service department where we test and service each instrument right before it goes out the door to ensure that it is functioning within the manufacturer’s specification. Once the item is completed it is moved to our shipping department. Some items ship the next day, while others may take 4-6 weeks to ensure that your instrument meets expectations.

The last time I purchased lab equipment, I was never able to get someone on the phone. Will I get a human on the phone when I call you or will I be lost in voice mail?

Every single phone call that is received in our headquarters between 9 am ET to 8 pm ET / 6 am PT to 5 pm PT is answered by a real live person who can easily answer your questions or direct your call to someone who can.

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