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phcbi MDF-U76VC Ultralow Freezer

phcbi MDF-U76VC Ultralow Freezer Image

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phcbi MDF-U76VC Ultralow Freezer Imagephcbi MDF-U76VC Ultralow Freezer Imagephcbi MDF-U76VC Ultralow Freezer Imagephcbi MDF-U76VC Ultralow Freezer Imagephcbi MDF-U76VC Ultralow Freezer Image

The PHCbi MDF-U76VC Ultralow Freezer is designed to provide ultra-low temperature storage, ensuring the integrity and longevity of sensitive materials. With a temperature range of -86°C to -50°C, this freezer creates the ideal environment for preserving biological samples, vaccines, enzymes, antibodies, and other temperature-sensitive substances.

One of the standout features of the PHCbi MDF-U76VC Ultralow Freezer is its exceptional cooling performance. Equipped with innovative insulation technology, this freezer minimizes heat transfer and reduces energy consumption, resulting in outstanding temperature uniformity and efficiency. The advanced refrigeration system ensures rapid temperature recovery, allowing the user to access samples without compromising their stability.

The PHCbi MDF-U76VC Ultralow Freezer offers a generous storage capacity of 726 liters, providing ample space for storing a vast array of samples. The interior layout is designed for optimal organization, with adjustable shelves, removable storage racks, and a variety of storage options to accommodate different sample sizes and types. The user-friendly interface and intuitive control panel make it easy to set and monitor the freezer's temperature, while audible and visual alarms alert the user to any deviations, ensuring sample safety at all times.

In addition to its outstanding performance, the PHCbi MDF-U76VC Ultralow Freezer prioritizes energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. It is designed with eco-friendly refrigerants and complies with stringent international standards, reducing your ecological footprint without compromising performance.


Temperature Range: -50°C to -86°C
Volume: 25.7 cu. ft. (729 L)
Storage Capacity: 576 (2″ Boxes)
Storage Capacity of Inventory Racks: 24
2 insulated inner doors with stainless steel frames and positive latches
Access ports for temperature monitoring
Compartments: 4 (3 adjustable Shelves)
Power: 220V, 60Hz, 6.2 A
External Dimensions: 39.8″ W × 38.0″ D × 78.3″ H (101 x 96.5 x 199 cm)  
Internal Dimensions: 34.3″ W × 23.6″ D × 55.1″ H (87 x 60 x 140 cm)
Shipping Weight: 950 lbs.

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